The Black Penguin Army or B.P.A. is an army which consists of black penguins with no clothing and accessories and additional items.

  • Leader: Darkchime
  • Enemy: Members
  • Colors: Black
  • Weapons: Darkness
  • Command Room: Darkchime's Igloo

Tutorial (perfect score):

  1. Get Penguin Storm or any penguin-naming downloads. (does not count)
  2. Have refrigerators all over your igloo. (does not count)
  3. Ready your penguin-naming download (does not count)
  4. Send a postcard to Darkchime an E.P.F. request. He will arrive to your igloo. (25%)
  5. Darkchime will ask you to hide with his cameras off. (50%)
  6. Name your penguin: " " Just a single space. Then throw a snowball at him. (25%)
  7. Darkchime will get his cameras on, and you get a perfect score because Darkchime cannot see you. (does not count)
  8. He will send you a request back (E.P.F. again). Accept it and go to his igloo. (does not count)
  9. Arrive to his igloo the first before Darkchime arrives. He will tell you your scores. (50%)

Equal: 150% PERFECT SCORE!