DucanPuff's Theme Song


He is always angry when he meets Pigs. The differences from himself and other puffles are:

  1. Puffles don't have beaks, DucanPuff is the only one to have a long beak.
  2. DucanPuff cannot be walked by a lease. It can be walked by flinging with a Slingshot and instead of waddling normally, your penguin will run.
  3. When it meets a Pig, Goodjake doesn't have to squish the Pig. Instead, DucanPuff will use the sling by bouncing to it and will fling itself to the Pig to squish it.
  4. Puffles don't have ability to kill Pigs, he is the only one with the ability.
  5. If puffles try to kill a pig like him, the pig will stay. If DucanPuff tries to kill a pig, the pig would vanish with the number 5000 appearing in green (like Angry Birds).
  6. This puffle is instead considered a Toupuff (Toucan and Puffle combined). Other puffles are really species of puffles.