I am Pengultimate!


Color Matrix 10 Colors, Color Matrix 25 Colors, Color Matrix 50 Colors, Speed Dash.

Color Matrix 10 Colors - Color List

Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Brown, Green, Lime Green, Light Blue, Aqua, Black

Color Matrix 25 Colors - Color List

Gold, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet, Scarlet, Lavender, Maroon (10 appearances on 1 use), Aqua, Black, White, Pink, Grey

Color Matrix 50 Colors - Color List

Maroon, Aqua (Repeat Maroon and Aqua Until 20 appearances on both colors [20 + 20 = 40]), Gold (10 appearances on 1 color)

Pengultimate is a hero.

Where his Color Matrix powers came fromEdit

It came from rain, and a rainbow process, with the rainbow having all the colors of the Color Matrix. He used his Speed Dash to reach the rainbow. He punched the rainbow's middle but he passed through the rainbow and he started absorbing all the colors of the rainbow.

This is Pengultimate.

What he wearsEdit

He wears:

Head - The Sunstriker

Face - Ninja Mask

Hands - Sometimes the Ultimate Color Gauntlet

Body - Red Ninja Belt

Back - Cape

Feet - None

Pin - 101 Days of Fun

Background - Superhero Background