Pigs are green objects with green ears and a snort. The differences of a real pig and these pigs are:

  1. It is green, real pigs are pink.
  2. It is evil, real pigs are civil.
  3. It has no body, real pigs have.
  4. It has a king of its own, real pigs don't have.
    1. The king is a girl, however, its called a QUEEN.
    2. No one knows who is the queen, but Paperairplane29 is telling you...
      1. ...that the queen is named Hoax, visible to the Angry Birds game.
    3. It requires two DucanPuff hits to kill, because of the wooden frame shaping like a pig with a picture of Hoax pasted and stood.
      1. Behind the frame with the picture is the real king, they don't move, acting like another frame.